97% of All Text Messages Are Read Within 4 Minutes!



      • Appointment Reminders – SMS reminders can reduce no-shows by 50% or more
      • Build Lasting Relationships – 33% of email addresses change on a yearly basis, but … People are keeping their cell phone number for LIFE
      • Mobile Coupons – Mobile coupons are 10x more likely to be redeemed than traditional coupons 
      • You Can Track It:
          • •Opt-in population
          • •New subscribers
          • •Quit rate/opt-outs
          • •Response rate
          • •Conversion/sales rate

SMS Marketing ROI Calculator

Average Daily Gross Sales
How Many Days Per Month Are You Open?
Average Total Monthly Gross Sales
Average Total Monthly Transactions [Tickets]
Your Average Ticket Per Customer
Average Monthly Customers
Percentage of current customers who will join your V.I.P Mobile Rewards Club
Total V.I.P Mobile Rewards Club Subscribers After 90 days of Promotion
Your V.I.P Mobile Rewards Club Offer Redemption Percentage
NOTE: Typical conversion rates from an in-house SMS opt-in list vary from 4%-30%
Customer Redemption
Number of customers who actually did a redemption
Your V.I.P Mobile Rewards Club Discount Percentage
This is the discount rate per deal you run to your Mobile Rewards Club list
Additional Revenue From Text [SMS] Marketing
Revenue From Running Just One Offer To Your List
Additional MONTHLY Revenue From Text [SMS] Marketing
This is revenue from running four offers monthly
Additional YEARLY Revenue From Text [SMS] Marketing
Additional 5 YEAR Revenue From Text [SMS] Marketing

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