How Does Social Media Marketing Attract & Convert Customers?

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Today, the entire business community is aware of the fact that social media marketing (SMM) is a hugely rewarding way to retain existing customers…. Social Media has remarkably altered the way people connect, interact, and share information. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are the most prominent sites where social interactions constantly take place. SMM may be defined as a method to profitably use social media to build relationships, obtain repeat business, and attract to convert prospects through friends sharing with friends. In short, SMM is word-of-mouth powered publicity leading to enlargement of customer-base. SMM means connecting with customers and prospects where they hang out online and actively participate in conversations about the topics most interesting to them. Remember, there are already ongoing conversations between your customers and prospects and it is up to you to take advantage. As a rule, people like doing business with people they know and transact business with people they trust. Though prospects are available aplenty, successfully connecting with them calls for a well-conceived and meticulously executed strategy….


Cesar Rodriguez‘s insight:

Word-of-Mouth is now Digital. It’s so important to have well set-up SMM platform.

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